Trail design, development, and maintenance are key components of great mountain biking.? Michigan’s trails have earned the reputation of a mountain biking destination, especially with two IMBA Epic Trail designations.? Of course, this would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers that work so hard to build sustainable trails throughout Michigan.

Our trail builders are always willing to teach new volunteers how to be a part of this rewarding process.? Check the?Volunteer Forum?for volunteer opportunities throughout the state.

Tracking Volunteer Hours

Every year, MMBA volunteers maintain existing trails by performing simple tasks such as trimming tree branches, raking? trails, and removing debris and fallen trees.? They also work together to build some of the best trails in the country.

The MMBA tallies the hours of trail volunteers at the end of the year.? The number of volunteer hours is important when communicating with land managers about mountain bike trails.? The hours are evidence that mountain bikers not only ride responsibly, but are stewards of the trails and other natural resources.

Ed Berta First Across the Finish Line and?Volunteer of the Year Awards

The MMBA awards volunteers who contribute 10 hours of trail work for the year.? These volunteers receive the?Ed Berta First Across the Finish Line?(FAFL) award.

Each MMBA Chapter selects a Volunteer of the Year based on exemplary performance.? Likewise, the MMBA Board of Directors chooses a statewide Volunteer of the Year.? All of these awards are presented at the MMBA Annual Meeting, early each year.


The program began in 1997 when an anonymous donor gave $10,000 to the MMBA.? The donation was used over the course of a few years to award volunteers that did 10 or more hours of trail work.? The program was so successful that the MMBA continued the FAFL program after the donation money had run out.

In the past, trail volunteers have so often gone unrecognized and unrewarded for their efforts to make mountain biking possible for all of us recreational riders and racers alike.? No more.? Volunteers who go above and beyond the call of trail responsibility will now be recognized in a very, very special way at the MMBA Annual Meetings in the years to come.“??a 1997 Bent Rim Bugle newsletter article