Support the North Country National Scenic Trail Mountain Bike Challenge

Dear fellow mountain bikers,

Kisscross Events?(the people who bring you Barry-Roubaix and Lumberjack 100) have?submitted a proposal to the Manistee National Forest Service to obtain a permit to use the North Country Trail System for a Fall 2015 mountain biking event. Details on the event can be found here:?

This would be a point to point, timed challenge that would navigate approximately 80 miles of the most scenic sections of the North Country Trails, which are always open to bicycle traffic. Sound awesome? We need your help!

The Forest service is soliciting comments from the public regarding allowing or denying the permit for this event.?If you, your friends and teammates feel this is an event you would support, please take a minute to provide your feedback and help spread the word throughout the cycling community.

The deadline is October 15.

Comments should?be addressed to:

Kathy Bietau, US Forest Service
Email: or Phone: 231 745-4631

Positive comment bullet points would include:

  • Economic impact to the community
  • Bring awareness and appreciation of The North Country Trail
  • We are active and enjoy healthy lifestyles
  • We are respectful to other trail users
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Manistee National Forest
  • Scientific evidence now indicates that mountain biking is no more damaging to trails than other forms of recreation, including hiking. (Source: IMBA 2007 study “Managing Mountain Biking”)

Thank you for your help!

Maybury Time Trial is Here! Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Motor City Mountain Biking Association is pleased to announce the 9th annual Maybury Time Trial, brought to you by the good folks at Trail’s Edge Cyclery.

Once again, this year features a fun course, and includes a reverse direction loop of the mountain bike trail and large sections of singletrack that are normally off limits to biking! A mix of fast open sprints and tight technical singletrack, this is a race that rewards both cardio and bike handling skills. It’s you against the clock, with minimal passing and no excuses!

There will be cash awards and awesome swag as usual. Timing by Newton’s Race Services.

All proceeds from this race benefit the Motor City Mountain Biking Association, an IMBA chapter, and are used to help fund our local trail building and volunteer activities.

Register now at–mcmba-benefit-race

CPS Race #7 Big M Challenge

CPS race #7:

Big M Challenge

Sunday July 27th.

Race Location: Big M Trailhead Recreation Area, M-55 Wellston, Michigan Event

Course Description: Trail is approx. 6.5 miles per lap of Single and Dbl track trails

Time Schedule: Sunday July 27th 2014

8:30am- 2:00pm Registration and Pre-Registration # Pickup

10:00am Cross Country Race #1 Elite & Expert classes 4 laps

12:30pm Cross Country Race #2 Sport classes 3 laps

1:00pm Awards for Race #1

2:15pm Fun Promotions Kids Races – Awards to all

2:45PM Cross Country Race #3 Beginners Classes 1 or 2 Laps

4:00pm Awards for Sport & Beginner races

Required Equipment:
No License Required, ANSI Approved Helmet
Bicycle in proper working order, Lap counting ability and a Competitive spirit

General Information:
$1320 in Purses – $300 men’s and women’s elite and $120 Expert classes!
Fun Promotions Kids races with Awards to all young riders!
Over 100 awards, Prize Drawings for all participants!
Ideal Family fun, Spectators welcome free of charge.

Your best 5 races count for the 2014 MMBA CPS cross country race series!

Event Sponsors:
Hammer Nutrition, Rapid Fire, Velocity, Primal Wear, T-9, Gordon Water,

Contact & Additional Information:
Fun Promotions LLC 616-453-4245

There is a Manistee National Forest user fee of $5.00 per car, per day….racers & spectators this means YOUR cars.
You are responsible to pay the self-serve pipe and display the pass on your dashboard. This is in addition to your entry fee.
We will remind you again on race day – Please support this great trail system & National Forest.

Event Fees: Add $5 for day of race registrations

CPS race #4: State Games at Cannonsburg- UPDATE

CPS race #4: State Games at Cannonsburg- UPDATE

1. Sunday June 22nd.

2. The race will be a cross country event, not a time trial this year

3. The event will not have a ‘kids race’ this year. Only the standard CPS categories will be racing. The youngest race category is “Beginner 10&Under” This youth racing this category will do one lap on the same course as all other racers. Most of the racers in “Beginner 10&Under” have a parent follow them on the course. They will be the last beginner wave to go off the start line. Parents should not sign up their kids for this category unless they have experience riding regular mountain bike trails.

4. Registration for all categories can be found at

Resignation as President of MMBA

Effective June 10, 2014, Dennis Murphy has tendered his resignation as the president of the MMBA. His extensive international travel responsibilities at work and desire to achieve other personal and biking goals lead to his decision.

Dennis has been a fixture in the Michigan mountain biking community for over 15 years. This was his second consecutive term as president. On behalf of the MMBA board of directors, its members and the entire Michigan mountain biking community, I thank him for his service to the MMBA as president for the past one and a half years. Dennis will continue to serve the MMBA as chair of the Hall of Fame, assist in the Championship Point Series and continue to advocate for mountain biking. The presidency will stay vacated until such time as a new president has been identified.

According to the MMBA by-laws, dated September 7, 2011 in article 7, Section 7.3 Vice Presidents: The vice presidents, if any, shall have the power to perform duties that may be assigned by the president or the Board. If the president is absent or unable to perform his or her duties, the vice presidents, in the order of their seniority, shall perform the duties of the president, until the Board directs otherwise. The vice president shall perform all duties incident to the office.

As the current vice-president, I will uphold these bylaws provisions until the presidency has been filled. The MMBA board of directors will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the association. This is an opportunity for the leaders of the MMBA and Chapter Members to join together and reflect upon where we have been, set some goals to achieve in the future and set a coarse to advocate for mountain biking at a state level. The MMBA board will be working to convene a strategic planning session to be held late summer/early fall. Feel free to contact me directly with any comments or suggestions at: (517) 203-9180 or

Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day

?advocacy day 2014

The League of Michigan Bicyclists, Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, Michigan Mountain Biking Association, and PEAC are pleased to join forces once again for the Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day to be held at the State Capitol on Wednesday May 21st, 2014. Volunteers from all four organizations will educate legislators on key policy issues that facilitate a bicycle-friendly Michigan. Lunch will be provided after legislative visits, followed by an optional afternoon ride.

Whether you enjoy riding on Michigan roads, trails, or dirt single track, Advocacy Day is your opportunity to speak with one voice to help advance Michigan bicycling and the interests of cyclists of all abilities across the state.? We hope that casual riders and die-hards alike will join us in communicating the great importance of bicycling to the Michigan Legislature.


  • Protecting vulnerable roadway users by establishing enhanced penalties for injuring or killing cyclists.
  • Establishing a standard for safe passing of bicyclists on Michigan roads.
  • Supporting the Pure Michigan Trails revision to the Michigan Trailways Act.
  • Preventing the Raid on Natural Resources Trust Fund dollars available for trails projects.
  • Adequately funding safe transportation infrastructure that supports multi-modal use.
  • Including bicycle awareness in Michigan driver?s education.
  • Promoting sustainable transportation funding for Michigan.
  • Defending bicyclists rights on the roads.
  • Allowing bicyclists to bypass malfunctioning traffic lights.
  • Speaking up for speed limit standards that take the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians into consideration.

To learn more about these issues or to register, please visit

Tentative Schedule:

8:00 am – Bike rally leaves Municipal Park
8:20 am – Bike rally arrives at State Capitol

8:30 am – Group photo on Capitol steps w/ check-in to follow

9:00 am – Welcome, issue overview & questions
9:30 am – Meetings with Representatives and Senators
12:45 pm – Lunch on Capitol grounds

– Presentation of May is Bike Month Resolution
– LMB Annual Meeting & Annual Award Presentation
1:30 pm – “Lansing by Bicycle” *

*NOTE: Advocacy Day happens to fall on the same day as Ride of Silence this year. Advocacy Day concludes after lunch with an optional ride, which will give most participants ample time to return to their respective communities to participate in their local Ride of Silence events. Participants are also welcome to stick around Lansing after Advocacy Day and participate in the Capitol Area Ride of Silence event that evening.

Registration for Advocacy Day is $12 and includes lunch.

If you have never communicated with policy makers before, don’t worry. No prior experience is needed to participate in Advocacy Day. All participants will receive detailed materials in advance of the event to get you up to speed on the issues and to help make your experience at Advocacy Day comfortable and productive.

Please register for Advocacy Day ASAP so we have ample time to pre-arrange meetings with both your State Representative and Senator. You register on LMB?s website at

Please do not hesitate to send any questions to John Lindenmayer at

SB 877

All mountain bikers are urged to read this bill which is in committee and write to your legislators as deemed necessary.

Thanks to Gordie at SWMMBA for notifying people.

SB 877

Michigan Senate Bill

Recreation; trails; statewide trail network; include Pure Michigan Trails and provide for trails advisory council oversight of water trails.

Yankee Springs 25th Anniversary Time Trial postponed to May 18th

Yankee Springs 25th Anniversary Time Trial postponed to May 18th
Urgent announcement To all Yankee Springs Time Trial racers!
Due to the unusually heavy snow accumulation this winter- the trail, the campground and access points for emergency exits are all not going to be in condition to hold the race on?April 13th- a date we set due to the Easter holiday and week earlier than we would normally hold the race.
Thus, the WMMBA and DNR has agreed to move the 25th Anniversary of the Yankee Springs Time Trial race to?SUNDAY MAY 18th!
The date has been moved in Bikereg and the registration close will also be changed. ?Additionally, you will now have until the end of April to order T-Shirts!
The WMMBA appreciates all the great support over the past seven years we’ve managed this event and appreciate your understanding with regards to trail conditions, safety and maintenance of the Yankee Springs rustic area grounds. ?With a?May 18th?date we might even have 70 degree temperatures!
Thanks again and see you in MAY!

State of the MMBA -March 2014

State of the MMBA -March 2014

Last year, when elected president for the MMBA for 2013, I posted a couple of ?”Why an MMBA” threads.

The MMBA became a victim of its own success. I read through some meeting notes dating back to the formation of the MMBA and it was a fascinating trip through time. The names on the documents at the formation of the MMBA are, frankly, legendary in my opinion. These guys were the revolutionaries of our sport creating a new organization! ? But eventually mountain biking became mainstream into the 2000’s. ? There were, for the most part, fewer initiatives which attacked our access at the state level. ?There was also less room to expand mountain biking on state lands as well. The focus to expand turned to county and municipal lands and the MMBA chapters could tout the state actions and record to convince municipal/county land managers to grant access. This turn to local advocacy uncoupled from the state DNR issues led to a less unified organization, in my opinion. Why foster and support a statewide group when all your work is local and not linked to what is occurring statewide anymore?

So the board three years ago opted to morph the MMBA into an umbrella group and break the chapters off to IMBA. Frankly, we also dodged a bullet as this devolution was in progress as the “horse bill” was in legislative committee and was a threat to our existing trails statewide! Some may differ on how real the threat was, but there’s no escaping the fact that unless mountain bikers are unified, any future threat will be less easy to combat. The MMBA was able to combat that and earlier threats which were the genesis for the formation of the MMBA. My concern is that as an “umbrella” organization, any future such fight will be less effective.

The MMBA is the umbrella organization which can be the central repository for documentation, presentations, etc., for lessons learned within each chapter. The MMBA can pass on the information to other chapters so they can learn from success of various activities whether trail design, how to approach land managers, information on preparing presentations. Additionally, set-backs or losses can be learning experiences and should be retained for future reference. The MMBA is the tool to do that.

In this regard we have only been marginally successful. To be sure there are a couple visible examples of sharing information. The advocacy efforts with regards to Poto-Waterloo have been very public (thanks to Jason Aric Jones) so that other chapters can benefit from their efforts as benchmarking. There have been other successes in the state but the means and approach to those successes have been shared less.

So that key aspect which I think we’ve lost is that “member driven” ethos.

In order to connect the MMBA to individual mountain bikers we embarked on a few changes which I think were positive:
1. Changes in the forum such as moving advocacy to the top of the page and opening the REI trail school segment to public view and changing the title
2. Implemented the Michigan Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. This move was to highlight the long heritage of the volunteers who came before us and built the MMBA.

Some less visible changes included:
a) Adding two new associate advocacy directors to monitor activity in Lansing and elsewhere which may affect our sport.
b) The CPS took a slight change as long-time experienced promoter Brent Walk agreed to step in as CPS director.

Probably the low point was the less than fully successful Expo. We did partner with the League of Michigan Bicyclists and the Michigan Trails & Greenways to create a “BICYCLING EXPO” but our reach-out to them was too close to the expo to enable their assistance making the event bigger. I do think that some impact of the decreasing attendance (as well as the lessening number of chapters that choose to have a booth) is a direct result of the move to IMBA chapters. So we have some decisions to make as we progress through 2014 in regards to the Expo.

Take Action

While not specifically a mountain bike issue, all riders should be interested in the advocacy action led by the League of Michigan Bicyclists. See the information below- especially for those in State House District 98: ?State Representative Jim Stamas representing portions of Bay and Midland Counties. Within Bay County, Stamas represents the cities of Auburn, Pinconning and part of Midland and the townships of Beaver, Fraser, Garfield, Gibson, Mount Forest, Pinconning and Williams. Within Midland County, the District includes part of the city of Midland and the townships of Midland, Homer, Jerome, Larkin, Lee and Lincoln.

take action


All cyclists:

Take a stand for safe bicycling in Michigan. Let Representative Stamas know you want action on legislation aimed at protecting Michigan bicyclists and pedestrians

The League of Michigan Bicyclists? (LMB) records indicate that you currently live or work in House District 98 represented by State Representative Jim Stamas. This puts you in a truly unique position to help improve bicycle safety locally for you and your family, and to stand up for the right?s of bicyclists all across Michigan.

LMB has been working on two bills (House Bills 5080 and 4792) that would help make our roadways safer by requiring drivers to use extra caution around bicyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users. The bills passed out of committee last fall with broad bipartisan support and now await action on the House floor. They are currently stalled on the desk of Representative Stamas.

This is where you come in. Representative Stamas is the Majority Floor Leader, which means he is responsible for setting the legislative agenda for which bills are brought up for a vote by the entire House of Representatives. Representative Stamas needs to hear from voters like you that these bills are important. As his constituent, your voice carries extra weight!

Please contact Representative Stamas TODAY to urge him to schedule HB 5080 and 4792 for a vote on the House floor ASAP.

We?ve made it very easy for you to help:

1)???Copy the pre drafted message below into your email program. Address it to?

2)???You are strongly encouraged to customize the letter to explain why this issue is important to you (NOTE: we are not circulating a general petition at this time as we really are seeking personalized messages from his constituents). Make sure to include your name and address. Legislators are much more likely to read and respond when they know you are a constituent.

3)???Please BLIND COPY (Bcc)? we can keep track of how many correspondences are sent and so we can keep you up to date about progress.

4)???Pat yourself on the back. You just made a super star assist to help advance bicycle safety in Michigan!

5)???Want to feel even better? Share this email to urge others in District 98 to take action and know that you truly helped to make a difference

Thank you in advance for taking action on this important issue!

John Lindenmayer

Advocacy & Policy Director

League of Michigan Bicyclists

(517) 334-9100



Subject: Please schedule HB 4792 and HB 5080
?for a vote
NOTE: Make sure to insert a personal story?Why are these bills are important to you? (experiences you have encountered on the road including close calls, intimidation, or actually being hit, why you ride a bicycle and your concerns over safety, etc)

Dear Representative Stamas:

As the House Majority Floor Leader, I am urging you to schedule HB 5080 and HB 4792 for a vote. The legislation was reported out of the Criminal Justice Committee on?October 16th, 2013 with broad bipartisan support. The bills would enhance criminal penalties for reckless motorists in the event they injure or kill a bicyclist or other “vulnerable roadway user,” including pedestrians and wheelchairs users.

Each year a disproportionally high number of Michigan bicyclists and pedestrians are involved in crashes that result in death or serious injury. By supporting this legislation, policymakers will create greater protections for all legal users of the roads, similar to those that already exist for construction workers, school children, and farmers using Michigan roads.

House Bills?5080?and?4792, introduced by Reps. Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) and David Nathan (D-Detroit), would update the state vehicle and criminal codes to state that a motorist who kills a bicyclist while committing a criminal moving violation, would face up to 15 years in prison and/or a $7,500 fine. Injuring a cyclist in the same circumstances could result in up to one year in jail or a $1,000 fine, in addition to punishment for any additional charges. Even more important, this legislation will provide drivers education instructors additional opportunities to promote share the road principles to young drivers.

Again, I urge you to put this common sense legislation on the calendar for a vote.

Thank you in advance for your response.