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While not specifically a mountain bike issue, all riders should be interested in the advocacy action led by the League of Michigan Bicyclists. See the information below- especially for those in State House District 98:  State Representative Jim Stamas representing portions of Bay and Midland Counties. Within Bay County, Stamas represents the cities of Auburn, Pinconning and part of Midland and the townships of Beaver, Fraser, Garfield, Gibson, Mount Forest, Pinconning and Williams. Within Midland County, the District includes part of the city of Midland and the townships of Midland, Homer, Jerome, Larkin, Lee and Lincoln.

take action


All cyclists:

Take a stand for safe bicycling in Michigan. Let Representative Stamas know you want action on legislation aimed at protecting Michigan bicyclists and pedestrians

The League of Michigan Bicyclists’ (LMB) records indicate that you currently live or work in House District 98 represented by State Representative Jim Stamas. This puts you in a truly unique position to help improve bicycle safety locally for you and your family, and to stand up for the right’s of bicyclists all across Michigan.

LMB has been working on two bills (House Bills 5080 and 4792) that would help make our roadways safer by requiring drivers to use extra caution around bicyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users. The bills passed out of committee last fall with broad bipartisan support and now await action on the House floor. They are currently stalled on the desk of Representative Stamas.

This is where you come in. Representative Stamas is the Majority Floor Leader, which means he is responsible for setting the legislative agenda for which bills are brought up for a vote by the entire House of Representatives. Representative Stamas needs to hear from voters like you that these bills are important. As his constituent, your voice carries extra weight!

Please contact Representative Stamas TODAY to urge him to schedule HB 5080 and 4792 for a vote on the House floor ASAP.

We’ve made it very easy for you to help:

1)   Copy the pre drafted message below into your email program. Address it to jimstamas@house.mi.gov

2)   You are strongly encouraged to customize the letter to explain why this issue is important to you (NOTE: we are not circulating a general petition at this time as we really are seeking personalized messages from his constituents). Make sure to include your name and address. Legislators are much more likely to read and respond when they know you are a constituent.

3)   Please BLIND COPY (Bcc) john@LMB.org so we can keep track of how many correspondences are sent and so we can keep you up to date about progress.

4)   Pat yourself on the back. You just made a super star assist to help advance bicycle safety in Michigan!

5)   Want to feel even better? Share this email to urge others in District 98 to take action and know that you truly helped to make a difference

Thank you in advance for taking action on this important issue!

John Lindenmayer

Advocacy & Policy Director

League of Michigan Bicyclists


(517) 334-9100



To: jimstamas@house.mi.gov
Subject: Please schedule HB 4792 and HB 5080
 for a vote
NOTE: Make sure to insert a personal story…Why are these bills are important to you? (experiences you have encountered on the road including close calls, intimidation, or actually being hit, why you ride a bicycle and your concerns over safety, etc)

Dear Representative Stamas:

As the House Majority Floor Leader, I am urging you to schedule HB 5080 and HB 4792 for a vote. The legislation was reported out of the Criminal Justice Committee on October 16th, 2013 with broad bipartisan support. The bills would enhance criminal penalties for reckless motorists in the event they injure or kill a bicyclist or other “vulnerable roadway user,” including pedestrians and wheelchairs users.

Each year a disproportionally high number of Michigan bicyclists and pedestrians are involved in crashes that result in death or serious injury. By supporting this legislation, policymakers will create greater protections for all legal users of the roads, similar to those that already exist for construction workers, school children, and farmers using Michigan roads.

House Bills 5080 and 4792, introduced by Reps. Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) and David Nathan (D-Detroit), would update the state vehicle and criminal codes to state that a motorist who kills a bicyclist while committing a criminal moving violation, would face up to 15 years in prison and/or a $7,500 fine. Injuring a cyclist in the same circumstances could result in up to one year in jail or a $1,000 fine, in addition to punishment for any additional charges. Even more important, this legislation will provide drivers education instructors additional opportunities to promote share the road principles to young drivers.

Again, I urge you to put this common sense legislation on the calendar for a vote.

Thank you in advance for your response.




Michigan Mountain Biking Association Hall of Fame 2014.

Michigan Mountain Biking Association Hall of Fame 2014.

January 26th, the MMBA inducted its first Hall of Fame recipients. Four people that have had a large and positive impact on the growth and advocacy of mountain biking in the state of Michigan.

Dwain Abramowski was inducted in the category Advocacy
Dan Harrison was inducted for his contributions to Trail Building and Design
Brent Walk was inducted for the category Promotions
Art Fleming was inducted to recognize his impact and contributions to mountain bike racing

Read about their contributions on the MMBA Hall of Fame webpage!

HoF 2014








State of the MMBA

At today’s annual required Board meeting, Kim White was re-elected as MMBA treasurer, Brindly Byrd- president of the Mid-Michigan Mountain Bike Association, was elected vice-president of the MMBA.  I was re-elected as President for the next year

In the next week or so, I will publish a sort of “state of the MMBA” statement.  I plan to reference my comments last year of “Why an MMBA” as well as address some initiatives enacted this past year, activities going forward – including the Expo activities.   But let’s get past this next snowstorm first!

Dennis Murphy

MMBA Mountain Bike Expo Jan 26th


The Michigan Mountain Biking Association is teaming up with The League of Michigan Bicyclists and the Michigan Trails & Greenways Association to present the first annual Michigan Bicycling expo!

expo logos

When:  January 26, 2014- watch for more details

Where:  Michigan State University Pavilion  4301 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI  48824

Contact information:  email President@MMBA.org     or call   616-318-2390

The Michigan Bicycling Expo is open to the general public.  It is a great opportunity to connect with passionate cyclists of all disciplines, find great deals with the vendors, and to celebrate the advocacy efforts of the past year.  This year’s expo will feature:
  • an indoor riding arena;
  • Championship Points Series (CPS) awards;
  • a raffle;
  • guest speakers;
  • a swap meet;
  • MMBA Annual Board Meeting;
  • and a concession stand serviced by MSU.

Vendor Info and Swap Meet Info

MMBA Championship Point Series Wheelset drawing

MMBA Championship Point Series Wheelset drawing

The MMBA Championship Point Series would like to thank Velocity-USA for their support of the 2013 season. We had a great visit to the wheel department this morning – watch the attached video and see who won the Blunt wheelset this year! And the winner is……


Michigan Mountain Biking Hall of Fame

In the ongoing effort to implement the MMBA Hall of Fame I am trying to contact several prospective nominees- if you know how to contact them please pass on the email President@mmba.org so they can get in touch with me- it would be greatly appreciated.       Thanks

Dwain Abramowski
Tim Collins
Bob Lawson
Dan Harrison-
Art Fleming
Art Fleming,
Russ Tiles
Shelly Wilson

TOMMBA receives $500 MMBA grant- congratulations!

TOMMBA receives $500 MMBA grant- congratulations!


In July, the MMBA board announced the availability of four grants of $500 to Michigan-based IMBA chapters.

Two would be disbursed this year and two next year in 2014.

Criteria was financial need/status of the chapter and/or merits of the project or program presented.

We are pleased to announce one grant was awarded (only one submission was received) and a check has been sent to TOMMBA for $500.00

The remaining three $500 grants will be awarded in 2014.



Massive Fallout 2013

Massive Fallout is a large-scale group ride organized by the volunteers of the Clinton River Area Mountain Bike Association (CRAMBA). The ride features four prominent trails in Macomb and Oakland Counties: Stony Creek, Bald Mountain,  Addison Oaks, and Bloomer. These trails are all connected via a series of safe roads, paths, and rail trails creating a fun, flexible ride. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, the ride can be configured to your experience level and desired length. The total estimated mileage is roughly 50-60 miles including Bloomer.

All trails and routes will be marked clearly. Maps will be handed out during starting hours. Join us for the mass start to be part of one of the largest mountain bike group rides in Southeast Michigan.

This ride is a CRAMBA event and will be insured under the CRAMBA group event policy. SAG support and aid stations will be available during the ride should you need help or fuel and we will be working closely with area bike shops to provide the best support possible to all that attend. T-Shirts will be available for sale the day of the ride. All proceeds from T-Shirt sales will go to CRAMBA.

Starting Hours: 8:00am – 10:00am, with a 10:00am mass start!
Start location: Stony Creek Metro Park – West Branch Picnic Area C
Ride Cost: Free! (purchase of Stony Creek Metro Park day pass may be required)


For maps, visit massivefallout.orgMFO2013_SHIRT_Frontv2

Michigan Mountain Biking Hall of Fame

Since originally presenting this new activity, the thread on the forum was filled with suggestions for our first inductees. They are listed below. The MMBA would like to get a bio of each suggested person after which the board will narrow the selection process to three or four persons per category.  The list is, of course, by no means all inclusive and certainly is missing many others who have contributed to the mountain biking community in Michigan over the years.  Our expectation is that as this process is repeated each year in the future, the hardworking people that contribute will be recognized.   If you have information that is relevant to the bios of those listed please email it to president@mmba.org.   Thank you.

Dwain Abramowski
Todd Scott
Jason Jones
Todd Scott
Mike Flack
John Burt
Bill Hermann
Bill Mayer
Tim Collins
Glen Rusczynski
>Trail building and design
Mark Cramer
Bob Lawson
Dan Harrison
Mike Flack
John Burt
Loren Krokus
Rick Plite
Art Fleming
Bill Mayer
Scott Quiring
Mike Simonson
Kelli Emmett,
Brent Bookwalter,
Danielle Musto,
Robert Herriman,
Art Fleming,
Derek Prechtl,
Russ Tiles,
Shelly Wilson,
Paul Brown
Mark Hendershot
Brent Walk
Robert Linden
Steve Brown
Rick Plite

WMMBA Trifecta Tour

poster header final






check in 8:15 – 9:15
Ride Starts at 9:30

Townsend Park: 8260 6-Mile Rd.  Cannonsburg, MI 49317

Register today at Bikereg

The Trifecta Tour Ride will offer three individual routes to choose from to challenge riders of all skill levels.

Trails include: Cannonsburg Ski Hill, Merrell Trail, Luton, Cannon Trail

All routes include a combination of paved bike paths, paved roads, dirt roads and single track trails with the exception being the 10 mile version which stays off paved and dirt roads.

Trifecta =  48 Miles  approx.  Townsend Park, Cannonsburg Ski Hill, Merrell Trail, Luton, Cannon Twp Trail and back to Townsend Park


Double Dirt  33 Miles  approx. Townsend Park, Cannonsburg Ski Hill, Luton, Cannon Twp Trail and back to Townsend Park


Single Track = 10  Miles  approx.  Townsend Park, Cannon Twp trail to Cannon Twp single track and back to Townsend Park.

(A group ride leader will provide a pre ride lesson on trail riding and bike safety. )

Event Check-in 8:30 – 9:15   Ride Starts  9:30

This is a self supported event and travels some open traffic roads between single track. Please follow the rules of the road and exercise caution at all intersections. The course will be marked and maps available

We will have Ada Bike Shop And Alger Bikes providing trail-head support with additional Hydration and Fruit at the Merrell and Luton parking lots.
The event will take place rain or shine.  In the case of wet conditions, there will be alternate routes presented to protect our trails.

Trifecta 2013 t-shirts can be pre-ordered at bike reg. for $15


After Ride Party:


**Central District Cyclery is Sponsoring the Vintage Bike Crit Race. Bring your old vintage bike for the after ride crit race. 1st place = $50, 2nd = $25 and $10 for 3rd in Central District Cyclery gift cards.
Bring your own Food, Grill, Beverages, lawn chairs for post ride relaxation, refueling and hanging out with your friends and family. (beer and wine is allowed in Townsend prk)

• Contact: Scott TenCate @ 616-292-2395 with any event questions.
Day of check in: 8:30 – 9:15 at Townsend Park Open Shelter

Ride Start Time at Townsend Park: 9:30


• July 31 – September 14

Tee-shirt sales $15 close September 1

• www.bikereg.com

• Adult: $30 (WMMBA/IMBA Members: $25)

become a member here http://www.imba.com/join to save $5



• Adults $40 (MMBA/IMBA Members $35)

become a member here http://www.imba.com/join to save $5

Children 16 and under $10

(must be accompanied on the ride by an adult)

Very limited amount of extra tee-shirts for sale. Please Place T-Shirt pre-orders by September 1st