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Re: Riding in TC area.

Postby vette-ss » August 21st, 2013, 7:40 am

amadkins wrote:
bikeguy4life wrote:Ninerdpete: The City Bike Shop-led Monday/Thursday group rides roll out at 630. I'm planning on riding the VASA singletrack trailhead ride tomorrow, I'm on the murdered out Niner EMD, I'll watch for ya. Conditions should be awesome, should be a great evening to get a ride in!

I'm gonna give Glacial Hills a try this weekend when we visit TC. Does it compare to anything in the western metro area? I normally ride Milford, Pontiac Lake, Highland, Proud Lake, Hickory Glen, and Island Lake.

In reviewing the Glacial Hills thread, it seems that the routes can be confusing - is there a recommended route/parking location? Thanks.

My thoughts on Glacial after having just recently visited: I don't think its anything like the trails you mentioned. I started from the Eckhardt road lot and expected a lot of climbing right away based on posts I read. If you ride Pontiac and Highland, the "climbing" is pretty much non-existant. IE, I didn't really notice it, and I'm not great on climbs. This trail feels like mostly all down hill once you get to the top. Real flowy, lots of humps and curves, real fun trail through some great open hardwood. It's nice to ride through the open woods without all the overgrown brush and crap all around. My take is that there is some original older trail with a lot of newer stuff built in the last year or so intertwined in. The new stuff is still soft an loamy. The old is packed and fast. All of the old trail is well marked with posts at each intersection. I didn't get that feel from the newer stuff and I could see where it could get confusing. I'm sure it will be well marked in time, just not there yet. I primarily stayed on the older packed trail which was the outer part of the two larger loops. You will see the map on the marker posts don't match the newest one you can print. I just went by the maps on the posts. Anyway, IMO it is worth the visit. I try to ride different trails as I get around the state, and this is one I will go out of my way to ride again.
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