rough trail bed, solution?

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Re: rough trail bed, solution?

Postby Glacial Hills » January 29th, 2014, 9:26 am

We use a small hand held tiller (Stihl Yard Boss) for those situations - we have two sets of tines, one being more aggressive. One person can lightly till enough to keep several people with McLeods (for tamping) busy.

glr wrote:So some of you know that I'm helping build some new trails where I live. And this past year we have made some great progress, but to me the trail bed seems a little to rough. Lots of little chatter bumps, I mean lots! We almost had the single track done then were derailed by the new dirt we had ordered for our pump track. So this spring my intent is to get the trail done first and then get the pump track completed. I have heard that a rototiller is a great option, but is that really the best option? Looking for some suggestions if you would. Also just found out this week that the twp is buying some adjacent land, and trails got first dibs. Guess I better ask for more vacation time to build some more trails! I get to scout the new area Feb 1st.
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Re: rough trail bed, solution?

Postby Jim O » January 29th, 2014, 12:58 pm

Where is "out my way"?

glr wrote:Thanks for the suggestions. The rough spots are because of it being old agriculture land and some places are where dirt was pushed years ago and they just settled rough. It is pretty neat out this way. The TWP might be purchasing another piece of land in the very near future that would give us townies a dirt trail from behind the village office to access the park. It would double the mileage that we currently have, not to mention the wooded land will have more "new loops" that I will get to add. Very cool, but long ways to go before its complete. Its just great to see where it was a year ago to where its headed now. I hear you with the volunteer time, hopefully I can develop a few new volunteers out my way to help out. We've had some calls already about our pump track so it looks like were gaining some ground anyway.
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Re: rough trail bed, solution?

Postby Critter7r » March 11th, 2014, 9:38 am

I know a guy with a narrow-gauge ashphalt paver you could borrow ... :twisted:
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Re: rough trail bed, solution?

Postby Mack » March 11th, 2014, 11:46 am

Critter7r wrote:I know a guy with a narrow-gauge ashphalt paver you could borrow ... :twisted:

LMAO :lol: :lol:.
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