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Flow Trail school

Postby G.Cook » June 20th, 2013, 7:06 am

Been here since Mon. In GR. this trail is going to ROCK. Highly informative for flow trail building techniques and machine work.
It will be the only flow trail from here to Duluth to Copper Harbor. It would be a crime if one ,at the very least, comparative flow trail was not built in a couple or three prime spots in the Mich. lp. We have the xc trails ,it's time to get some flow trails built. It's not that impossible.
Even if you don't ride or build this type of trail we would , as trail builders and as an organization , be missing out on providing this type of trail for a large segment of the riding public. Especially the younger folks who we need to grow all facets of the sport in Mich. It would also benefit Mich as the place to ride in the Midwest.
Alright , back to slapping and packing some good old Mich. clay.
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