Maybury Race Support...Volunteers needed

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Maybury Race Support...Volunteers needed

Postby Sherpaboy » August 9th, 2010, 6:08 pm

The 5th annual Maybury Challenge is coming up on August 21st, 2010. This event as always will be benefit for the Metrosouth chapter MMBA. All proceeds go to continue the hard work done by all the Metrosouth volunteers. and help us build, maintain and enjoy the best trails around.

So how can yo help ? Easy...

We'll need some race volunteers and anyone who can help please e-mail me

Here is a list of some of the volunteers we'll need:

Trim the trails and do some minor trail work...Let us know about downed trees or impasse areas.
Help us set up the course on Friday 8/20 - this will be setting up the stakes, taping the course and making sure the course direction is clear.

Race Day:
* help setting up the equipment, making sure the course is still set
* help with registration - checking in racers who have pre-registered and for day or racers too.
* Course marshaling - several locations of the trail we need people to watch for course cutters, offer direction for the confused racers, and be our look out for injuries or issues (you'll call us if there is an injury).
* Help with announcing and awards - we need a non shy person to help us make daily announcements, and help us hand out awards.
* Cooking - We need grillers to help us keep the grill going and sell some tasty treats
* Tear down - you guessed it we need people to ride/walk sections of the course and tear down all our hard work.

Please please please consider helping us with this event, again all proceeds go directly to the Metrosouth MMBA chapter to fund trail work, education, and continue buying tools and supplies.

please e-mail me
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