Rolling Hills Trail Work Day, Sat. 6/5 9 AM

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Rolling Hills Trail Work Day, Sat. 6/5 9 AM

Postby michael48197 » June 3rd, 2010, 6:46 am

I'll be leading a trail work day out at RHP on Saturday morning 6/5 starting at 9 AM. If you are available to help out, let's meet in the trail head parking lot and then spread out on the trail. With all the rain and warm weather, the grass and underbrush has been growing voraciously. The first wooded section was done last week, but the rest of the trail needs mowing, weed wacking and trimming of face slappers. I plan to bring a push mower, weed wacker, loppers and a rake. If you can come, bring other weed wackers, loppers and trimmers.

Come prepared for heat, humidity, bugs and poison ivy. Bug juice, water, work gloves, work shoes, long pants and long sleeves are highly recommended. Unfortunately, some areas of RHP can have epic amounts of poison ivy. If you are highly prone to PI rash, you should probably volunteer your time for work days at Brighton (Sun, 6/6) or Trail Work Mondays at nearby Hewens Creek.

I know it's a busy time of year with school ending, vacations, yard work and other trail days, but the RHP trail needs your help. Hope to see you Sat. 6/5 at 9 AM.
Michael Connolly
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Re: Rolling Hills Trail Work Day, Sat. 6/5 9 AM

Postby dnallen » August 20th, 2010, 10:27 am

Hello, I've been riding frequently at RHP. I would like to offer to help out at the next trail-work day. And if one is not currently scheduled, than I would like to encourage someone to initiate that. I have previous landscaping experience and my own tools. However, I could definately use some guidance and advice in regards to trail preperation techniques and practices.
I rode there last night and found that branch and limb growth has become hazardous. Otherwise, the conditions are decent but with room for improvement.

Dan Allen
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