Got Bikes???

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Got Bikes???

Postby cnbjazz » May 6th, 2010, 9:11 pm

Hey Everyone, Just a quick message about an upcoming event. If your like me, on your 4th or 5th bike (or more) and you have a kid or two (or three) your garage probably also looks like a used bike store, just like mine!?!?!? Maybe you have a few bikes that are still in working condition, but you just don't ride them anymore, or maybe your kids have a few they have out grown, and these bikes still have a few good miles left in them. If so, there's a great opportunity coming up to free up some space in that garage, and more importantly help out some special kids and families that may not have what we often times take for granted.

There's an event in Pontiac, MI on June 5th called "The Pontiac Point of Hope". This event is run by a number of community organizations and local churches where they serve the people of Pontiac in a number of different ways. They provide groceries, they give free health screenings, free haircuts, a picninc lunch, and a whole lot of games and fun for the families and kids all on that day. They also want to have a bike giveaway and provide every child that wants one, a decent bike. Last year they had a need for almost 300 bikes, but they only had 98, so they had to raffle off the ones they had and could only help that many kids. This year, by getting the word out to people that may have a few extra bikes (the MMBA crowd) we're hoping to do a little (or a lot) better!!!

There's a central chruch where bikes can be dropped off - Bridgewood Church - Clarkston, MI - 248.625.1344 - they will accept them during business hours and they will collect and hold the bikes until the day of the event.

If you have any questions or you would like to help out in anyway, Email me, Chris - - or you can call the church.

It would be great to help out a whole bunch more kids and families at this years event and bless some folks that may not have a whole lot!! (not to mention clearing out some room in that garage!!)

Thanks so much,

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