I-275 bike path work day: October 2nd, 9:30am

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I-275 bike path work day: October 2nd, 9:30am

Postby Todd Scott » September 15th, 2004, 2:38 pm

WHAT: Need volunteers for clean up crew on I-275 Bike Path in Oakland
County (N. of 8 Mile Rd.) This will entail trimming trees/bushes
and brush that overhang the path. There will be an Oakland County WAM
crew also assisting us.

WHEN: Oct. 2nd at 9:30 AM. WAM crew will arrive at 10 AM.

WHERE: We'll meet in the NE corner of the Meijer parking lot (just S.
of the Meijer gas station). On the SW corner of 8 Mile & Haggerty

WHAT: Volunteers are encouraged to bring the following list of
supplies. I would suggest putting some masking tape with your name on
your tools to ensure you get them back. The N'ville Home Depot has
already donated $200 to the LMB to buy tools which I will secure before
hand. I plan on letting the WAM crew use these as they don't have many
tools. Any that are left over will be up for grabs for the day. These
tools will become LMB property which I think, could also be used for any
future trail/path project Bike Michigan happens to have.

Sickles, both single hand, and two hand varieties
Metal leaf rakes
Hand pruning shears
Hand bush trimmers (if someone has the electrical rechargeable type,
that'd be great but, not mandatory)
Straight sod cutters (to scrap off weed growth through the path)
Two step ladders (for getting to the higher overhanging tree limbs)
Tree saws (either the hand types or the ones on the extension poles so
that the ladders aren't needed)
Gardening gloves (VERY IMPORTANT ITEM - There are a lot of thistles and
pricker type weeds out there)
Garden carts (hopefully someone has a lightweight cart to haul the
trimmings to one of three or four pick points. I was hoping to engineer
some temporary attachment for these carts to my bicycle which I will
bring to make hauling to the locations a little faster. If whoever
plans to bring their cart could call me in advance, I might be able to
think of a way to do this.)

If some volunteer wants to get really motivated that has a portable gas
driven generator and power bush trimmers, that'd be great, I'll bring
mine but, this will be mobile work as we move up the path. If they'd
like to bring it anyway, let me know and I'll bring my wagon to wheel it

If volunteers could e-mail me with a list of what they're bringing, I
could ensure we fill in the gaps with the tools I'm picking up from Home
Depot. I am almost sure very few people will have sickles as, that's
the type of yard tool one has if one has very tall grass like in a

If any of you have any questions about any of this, please let me know.


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