Volunteers needed for Rochester Hills millage

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Volunteers needed for Rochester Hills millage

Postby Todd Scott » August 19th, 2004, 11:01 pm

We'd really love to see the Rochester Hill's parkland acquision millage pass this November. As Dan Keifer states below, there's a lot of beautiful undeveloped land that we'd like prefer become parkland rather than developed. This land enhances existing trails and opens the doors to new ones as well.

If you're interested in helping in any of the ways listed below, please contact Dan Keifer at (248) 601-0606 or dan@crwc.org.

Also, the next organizing meeting is MONDAY, AUGUST 23RD, 7:00 PM at the Clinton River Watershed Council office (Suite 100, 101 Main Street) in Downtown Rochester.

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dan Keifer [mailto:dan@crwc.org]
> Sent: Monday, August 16, 2004 11:57 AM
> To: Todd Scott
> Subject: Rochester Hills Open Space Millage
> Hi, Todd.
> As you may know, a group of residents in Rochester Hills was successful this
> year in getting a millage proposal on the November ballot to raise money to
> buy some of the last-remaining open spaces in the City.
> TRAIL. With the actual trail corridor only 80-100 feet wide, a top priority
> of funds that would be generated by the millage would be to secure some of
> the high-value natural features along the trail corridor to keep the open
> space integrity of the trail, and not let it become so "city-fied" as
> further development continues.
> I wonder if some members of MMBA who live in Rochester Hills would like to
> help with the education/outreach campaign that we will be doing for the next
> two months running up to the election. Can you ask your Rochester Hills
> area members, or put me in touch with a group leader for Rochester Hills
> about:
> 1. Lawn signs
> good locations on high visibility main roads are needed. Once we get
> locations secured, we'll need help distributing the signs.
> 2. Mailings
> We'll need envelope stuffers, and help with folding and stamps.
> 3. Letters to editor
> We want to generate letters of support to local newspapers, and have people
> who can help write the main talking points.
> 4. Donations/fundraising
> We need some money to help pay for campaign materials
> 5. Information Tables, Trail Tours & Presentations
> We want to present the story to as many people and groups as possible in
> Sept and Oct. Whether MMBA meeting, or any gathering. And, we had a very
> successful information table last Saturday morning on the Paint Creek Trail.
> We want to keep this up for the next 75 days.
> Let me know if you think MMBA can help with this. This is a VERY IMPORTANT
> campaign for local natural resources. Many residents think it's too late
> and that there's nothing left to save...as you know, nothing could be
> further from the truth! There is some wonderful natural resource open space
> still left esp. along the Clinton River...the river itself plus the new
> Clinton River Trail. This is also an opportunity to preserve historical
> property in the city.
> Watershed Council office.
> Can MMBA send someone to the meeting and get dialed into this?
Todd Scott
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