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Re: Up-date at 3:34

Postby Wood Knuckle » August 20th, 2004, 2:39 pm

Bryan_Mitchell wrote:Matt isn't going. I still might. I'm going to wait untill 5:00 to make up my mind and re-check the weather radar.

I may hold off! The rain doesn't look as if it is going to stop by 5
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Postby matt_mccluskey » August 20th, 2004, 3:42 pm

Stoopid Rain!!! Image
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Postby hockeydaddy » August 20th, 2004, 3:49 pm

matt_mccluskey wrote:Stoopid Rain!!! Image

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Postby Bryan_Mitchell » August 20th, 2004, 3:58 pm

Ok I'm not going. My equipment took a beating last week and I need to make it hold on for another month or two. Plus I judt don't feel like being cold and wet today.
I plan on setting something up in October for the fall colors. Sometime arounf the 3rd week of October.
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