Proud Lake Adventure Day, Saturday Aug 17th

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Proud Lake Adventure Day, Saturday Aug 17th

Postby Loren » August 15th, 2013, 5:10 pm

Each year, the DNR hosts an "Adventure Day" at Proud Lake Recreation Area. (For details, see,4570,7-15 ... --,00.html )

For the past few years, the MCMBA has helped with this event by helping parents and kids with their bikes, leading them on a short group ride through the park, and being advocates for our area trails.

Unfortunately, this is the same day as our Maybury chapter race event, and volunteers are scarce. If you like kids, biking, and sunshine, please consider helping out at Proud Lake. Please contact Mike Flack (Sherpaboy) directly to coordinate.

Also, we no longer have access to a trailer of kids bikes to support this event. If any volunteers have extra bikes, adult and especially kids that will help a lot too. We can take care of adjustments and support if the bikes need some love.

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