HELP NEEDED!Biggest new trail possibility in MI since Copper

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HELP NEEDED!Biggest new trail possibility in MI since Copper

Postby Bcar » September 27th, 2012, 11:39 am

Think of a L.P. Copper Harbor @ Waterloo Rec Area...
(going to x-post this all over, please leave it up moderators as it is THAT important)

Public Open House for input on the proposed Phase 2 Long Range Action Goals Plans for Pinckney Recreation Area and Waterloo
Recreation Area.

Tuesday Oct 2nd 6-8 p.m.

The Gerald Eddy Discovery Center, 17030 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI. (off of I94)

Waterloo Rec Area is by far the BIGGEST REAL opportunity in the state of MI, and probably great lakes area for NEW MTB Trail! It is ~3X the size of the Poto area and if you've ever been there or have looked at a Topo map, Waterloo makes Poto look flat... Think of a poto, but with new trail design, more elevation, and longer...anyone interested in a lower MI 60+ mile epic trail??[/b

As many MTBers as possible!!!

We cant overstate how important this first meeting will be. As most of you know, there are other (mean hikers, nature freaks, equine, etc.) interests that do not agree with or support mtn bike trails or riders. We NEED to VASTLY outnumber them! We all know we use the trails a LOT more than them, have greater numbers, and maintain/build a LOT more trail than them as well, but if we don?t get the initial go-ahead because of lack of a showing/support, this opportunity is DOA.

[b]Yeah it?s a Tuesday, yeah it's a PITA, but how does two hours of your time compare to the DECADES we'll have riding this trail?
This is step 1 of many, but a CRITICAL one. jajones has put together a great plan for how the MMBA/POTO/IMBA intent to research, design, a present a plan to the DNR, but we're going to need help, starting with this meeting. There are groups forming now to start the research and preliminary investigations on the where/how/whats of the trail. If you're interested in helping out with your time, let jajones or me know. We need more than just good idea fairies...I've been one of those for a looong time , but I've walked the tarrain out there and know how killer it can be and want to make it happen (well, and to help make the kind of trails that I like )

There will be a lot more to follow on this topic as it really is the biggest thing in MI MTN Biking since Copper Harbor got their #@$% together.

More Background: (Stolen from jajones post!)
As of August 6, the MDNR has approved the concept of creating a new, separate trail cut for mountain bikers at Waterloo Rec Area in Eastern Jackson and Western Washtenaw Counties. The concept includes linking the Poto in Pinckney Rec Area to the new Waterloo trail.

This is big. It is something JaJones and others have been working toward for 20 years. Anyone who knows the terrain in Waterloo, the largest State Rec Area in the Lower Penninsula, knows the potential. The potential has been described as "the next Brown County", "Poto on steroids", etc.

A plan with action steps and timetables has been put together to facilitate the creation of this trail.

But, the battle for trails at Waterloo is not over.

Any plan with need to be parsed by the public and other stakeholders. While we are trying to partner with other stakeholders, there will, undoubtedly, be detractors and those with designs to kill the project. THIS IS A CERTAINTY! I have already gotten email "inquiries" from people trying to information gather to kill the project.



Please come out and help get this project off the ground!

Public Open House scheduled for October 2, 2012 for input on the proposed Phase
2 Long Range Action Goals Plans for Pinckney Recreation Area and Waterloo
Recreation Area.

The Department of Natural Resources recently announced that an open house designed
for the public to provide input on the proposed Phase 2 Long Range Action Goals Plans
for Pinckney Recreation Area in Livingston and Washtenaw Counties, and Waterloo
Recreation Area in Ingham, Jackson and Washtenaw Counties, will be held on Tuesday,
October 2, 2012. The open house will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Gerald Eddy
Discovery Center, located at 17030 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI.

These two recreation areas, which are adjacent to each other, combine to provide over
30,000 acres of public recreational property in Jackson, Livingston and Washtenaw
Counties. The parks are home to diverse natural and cultural resources. Waterloo
Recreation Area features more rare animals and plant species, and more exemplary
natural communities, than any other park in the state system. A broad spectrum of
recreation opportunities are enjoyed in both parks, including; modern and rustic camping,
many boating and fishing options, and a vast area of public land open to hunting,
trapping, and other recreation. Significant for both parks are the trail use activities
enjoyed by equestrians, mountain bikers, hikers/runners/walkers, and others.

This open house will provide an opportunity for the public to review and comment
on specific long range actions that are recommended for these two parks. The DNR?s
planning consultant, Birchler Arroyo, Associates will conduct the open house and DNR
staff will also be available to participate in presenting an overview of the planning
process and to address questions regarding the park and the planning efforts underway.

For more information about this open house, the proposed plans, or persons needing
accommodations to attend this open house, contact Paul N. Curtis, DNR Park
Management Plan Administrator, at 517-335-4832 (TTY/TDD711 Michigan Relay
Center for the hearing impaired) at least five business days before the open house.
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Re: HELP NEEDED!Biggest new trail possibility in MI since Co

Postby Trek930 » September 30th, 2012, 9:00 pm

I am going to be there.
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Re: HELP NEEDED!Biggest new trail possibility in MI since Co

Postby Jim O » October 3rd, 2012, 9:28 am

How was the turnout for the meeting last night?
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Re: HELP NEEDED!Biggest new trail possibility in MI since Co

Postby Scot » October 6th, 2012, 9:23 am

Room was packed, standing only with some people not able to get in the room at all until after the presentation. My guess would be 150ish at 6 with more coming and going later.
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Re: HELP NEEDED!Biggest new trail possibility in MI since Co

Postby jrabaut » October 16th, 2012, 7:58 am

I live in Brighton and would like to assist in any capacity on the phase 2 long range action plan for the Pinckney Recreation Area or any other current project in the area. I have a legal background but am available to assist in any capacity including trail building, maintenance or repair.
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