MiSCA is looking for volunteers

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MiSCA is looking for volunteers

Postby Steve_Kinley » August 21st, 2012, 7:56 pm

The Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association continues to grow but with growth comes a need for volunteers. To properly promote and run the program takes more than the few dedicated volunteers currently working to make MiSCA successful. MiSCA is changing its internal structure and designating certain individuals as committee chairpersons.

We are looking for people interested in volunteering for the following committees:

Competition: Organizing and conducting the MiSCA races, rules, and series awards

Marketing and Communication: Coordinating a consistent message in media content including press releases, fliers, brochures, etc. Developing marketing campaigns and promotions that provide incentive for sponsors and donors to support MiSCA.

Fundraising: Developing and nurturing contacts with potential sponsors and donors for MiSCA. Delivers the marketing message and content to garner support for the organization. Identify grant opportunities and prepares grant applications.

Program Development: Develops awareness of the MiSCA program in schools and youth groups. Designs and delivers materials to help promote scholastic cycling among the target market. Works with other cycling groups to promote junior development. Develops material to explain club and team formation. Develops forms, templates, training material, etc. to assist clubs in their day to day operations.

We also need general volunteers to assist at various events in a designated capacity or where directed. These events include assisting at races, expos, awareness nights, etc. Our first need for volunteers is at the fat tire crit on Sep 15. We will also need volunteers for the MiSCA championship on October 7.

If interested in helping with one of the committees, please contact me at director@miscabike.org. If you would like to volunteer for an event please contact Kristhal Portugal at Detroitkitty@gmail.com.
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