Trail Trimming Pontiac Lake June 30, 2012

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Trail Trimming Pontiac Lake June 30, 2012

Postby compacted_graphite » June 25th, 2012, 5:19 pm

There will be a spontaneous and impromptu trail trimming day at the mountain bike trails at Pontiac Lake Lake State Recreation Area.

Date: Saturday June 30, 2012

Time: 9 AM sharp.

Location: meet at the trail head by the beach

We will be trimming the brush. Please bring trimmers and loppers, maybe a few small bow or fold up saws. I will not be bringing the MMBA/CRAMBA trailer, so we will need to use our own tools.
The poison ivy and mosquitos are both fully active this summer. Participants will need long sleeve shirt, long pants, sturdy shoes, hat and eye protection, and water and snacks, maybe even sunscreen and bug dope. We will break up into small parties and trim/lop branches and bushes. Hope to have enough people that we can cover the whole trail in three hours.


Dave Boboltz

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