2012 Poto Trail Segment Adopter Program

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2012 Poto Trail Segment Adopter Program

Postby jajones » April 28th, 2012, 6:53 am

The Poto Chapter is again implementing our Adopt-a-Trail Segment Program at the Poto for 2012.

What is the Program?

You adopt a section of the Poto correspondent to a color-coded map and agree to perform routine maintenance on that section for 2012.

A copy of the map (Adobe .pdf file) can be found at:

Poto Adopt-a-Trail-Segment Color Coded Map

2011 Segment adopters will get right of first refusal on their 2011 sections. Please PM me with your segment color choice and whether you were an adopter of that section during 2011.

What are Adopter Responsibilities?

The following document (Word .doc file) details responsibilities of each adopter in depth:

2011 Poto Trail Adoption Guidelines

Send me a PM if you are interested in adopting a section (color) or have additional questions. Note: You will need to share your contact info (email/phone) with myself, the MDNR Unit Manager and the other section adopters if you become an adopter. This is simply so we can all communicate on maintenance and upkeep issues. If you do not wish to share this info, please don't adopt. Your contact info will not be shared with any others without your consent.

With the early spring we've had, the Poto is starting to get hairy and scary. If you are a Poto regular, I'd encourage you to consider adopting a section. Keeping up the Poto is a monumental task and requires a massive group effort. Be a part of the effort! This is an easy way for you to take charge and do your share on your own time and at your own pace!

I want to have all the sections adopted and sorted out by the May Poto Chapter Meeting.

Thanks for considering adoption!

Jason Aric Jones
MMBA Poto Trail Coordinator
Poto IMBA Potawatomi Trail Coordinator
Jason Aric Jones, Chair
Waterloo Executive Committee, operating under the Potawatomi Chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)

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