Clinton River Park Trail (CRPT) Trail Day:31-Mar-2012 @ 10am

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Clinton River Park Trail (CRPT) Trail Day:31-Mar-2012 @ 10am

Postby Mack » March 17th, 2012, 10:31 am

Want to be involved in building new trail at CRPT / Clinton River Park Trail ? We have received approval
from the prak to build a two new segments of trail. The new segments are being built
to alleivate problem areas in the trail. We need your help to get this done!

Please join us at 10am on Saturday, March 31st, 2012 Petros Ct. Petros Ct is located on Clinton
River Rd. West of the Edison Ct trail head about 1/2 mile on the left. It is a subdivsion that was never developed
but the road was put in it's a court / cul de sac. It is in front of the old DPW building. We will have a CRAMBA
sign at the entrance. If you have any qustions about where this is located please ask me PM or email.

Things to bring / wear:
-Work gloves
-Boots long pants, long sleeved shirt, hat
-Bug spray
Water / Hydration pack

We will have the CRAMBA chapter trailer on site so tools will be available, but if you have a personal favorites
feel free to bring them. Since we will be clearing new trail tools needed for this day are as follows:

Thanks everone! If you can attend please let me know via PM or email. And if there are any questions,
don't hesitate to ask.

Thank You!
Paul McAllister
Clinton River Park Trail Co-Trail Coordintator
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