Maybury TT race volunteers needed...

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Maybury TT race volunteers needed...

Postby Sherpaboy » July 29th, 2011, 3:33 pm

The 6th annual Maybury CPS chapter benefit race is coming up again very soon (August 20th). This even raises a lot of funds for the chapter to spend on the trails we all ride and love. As this is a volunteer based race we are looking for some kind soles to help us out the day of the event.

If you can help in anyway please feel free to e-mail me directly

We are looking for help with the following:
Registration: This is simply helping us collect and hand out racer info and number plates at the registration table.
Course Marshals: This is an easy one! you get to sit on the course at important intersections and watch the race. If there are any problems you relay them back to us and the bike patrol.
BBQ cooks: When the racers and families get hungry we like to feed them. If you can operate a grill (provided), and collect donations - Your Hired!
Starters: The racers get confused at the beginning of the TT due to nerves and them being all "EsssCared" So it is the starter's jobs to line them up in the order they will go out of the gate and do the all important count down to rider ready......Go!

again any help is greatly appreciated and goes to help us raise $$ for our chapter and our trails...
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