Bike Patrol Training May 7th. (Tomorrow)

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Bike Patrol Training May 7th. (Tomorrow)

Postby Trek930 » May 6th, 2011, 5:39 am

The Michigan Mountain Bike Patrol is a volunteer organization. We have first aid and CPR training. Our objectives are to Assist, Educate, and Inform. In other words, we always offer help, give advice such as how to ride without damaging the trail, and provide feedback to agencies/groups if needed. We are also representatives of Mountain Bikers to other trail users and land managers. The MMBP covers a large area, the state of MI, with less than 30 people.

The MMBP is a part of IMBA's National Mountain Bike Patrol. Because of this you will need to sign up for membership there as a patroller. The NMBP membership costs $50 and comes with perks like DEEP discounts from Planet Bike on all their products and a free pair of socks. Another item that is required is the uniform. IMBA charges only $40 for the jersey. We follow their rules and guidelines so check out their site for a great overview of who we are and what we do.

As a part of the MMBA we help them out at various functions. MMBA Championship Point Series races are supported by us. We are required to patrol at least one CPS race per year. We ask that you do at least 10 hours of patrolling per year. Whenever you ride, just wear the jersey and pack the first aid gear. Now you can count your time having fun as patroling! It is very easy to get the hours required this way.

For the training, meet at 11 AM at Lake Orion High School (495 E. Scripps Road ? Lake Orion Township, MI 48360). We will be in the classroom for a couple of hours and then head out on the trail for some scenario training. So bring your bikes and gear. Please also bring a pen and your NMBP manual (if you have it). Pizza will be served for lunch. Plan to ride till about 2-3 PM.

We all need to thank Dennis G. for setting up the room. More details below.
From Dennis:
"I have a room at Lake Orion High School for May 7th 11-1, longer if needed. It will be by the back parking lot and near the race finish line. You can tell people to park in back lot near the baseball diamonds and look for the IMBA sign."

We are looking forward to 2011. Having new faces to help the patrol to improve the image of Mountain Biking is great. Thank you for taking this important step to helping our sport.

Shawn Murphy

Director MMBP

MMBP site


Site for membership in the NMBP

Class date and location is still being determined.
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