Bloomer Trail Day May 7th 1PM *update

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Bloomer Trail Day May 7th 1PM *update

Postby Mr. Bojangles » May 4th, 2011, 9:08 am

Bloomer Park Trail Clean Up Day May 7 2011 9am

What to Bring: Large Rakes, lopers, small garbage bags, lots of water, big smile

Wear: Long sleeve shirts, pants, boots, gloves. Poision Ivy is everywhere. I already have a bad case of it. YUCK!!!

Parking: Near the Kiosk, Parking should be free, just tell attendant if they are there that you are here for the trail day. expect to pay under 5 bucks if they make you. Its their right to collect parking fees.

Plan: We want to finish cleaning the trail up, rake all leaves, pick up and remove sticks and prune back over growth. I will have maps laid out to send troops to certain areas.

I will do my best to provide refreshments after. Any questions, email me.

UPDATE trail day has to be pushed back until 1pm due to an event in the early morning. The park just informed me. We will also have another trail day the following sat.


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