CRAMBA: Clinton River Park Trail (Dodge Park Trail)

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Re: CRAMBA: Clinton River Park Trail (Dodge Park Trail)

Postby Mack » July 21st, 2014, 7:37 pm

Mattchewie wrote:Hit his trail for the first time today. Figured I would give an update on conditions.

North trailhead has some standing water / intense mud. Not a show stopper but no means to bypass to not rut the trail :(. Once you past that initial bit, things get much better. Some soft/slightly muddy spots but they can be missed by riding on the outside.

And of course ...don't stop to smell the flowers. Blood suckers come quick and with fury!

Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoyed the trail! Please do not ride around the soft/muddy
spots this only widens the trail, and causes further ersion. If you are going to ride in iffy trail
conditons, proper trail etiquette is to ride through the soft/muddy spots not around them. I have not
been out on the trail because of the rain. But from what I have been told, it has not dried out yet. Thanks
Paul McAllister
Clinton River Park Trail Co-Trail Coordintator
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Re: CRAMBA: Clinton River Park Trail (Dodge Park Trail)

Postby Mattchewie » July 21st, 2014, 8:39 pm

It was fun for sure!

Roger on the riding etiquette for mud! This is my second season riding and I'm still learning the ropes!
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Re: CRAMBA: Clinton River Park Trail (Dodge Park Trail)

Postby 2slo2endo » July 22nd, 2014, 11:52 am

If you look at the section in the pump track like rollers near the long bridge.. you can see the results of going around mud... the trail ended up 6 feet wide!

But Welcome!
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Re: CRAMBA: Clinton River Park Trail (Dodge Park Trail)

Postby jer091 » Yesterday, 10:08 pm

1 Headhunter tree across the trail just north of the Farmstead pavement (section north of the crane), then another leaner that will need to addressed very soon. Both chainsaw worthy.

Another leaner 100 feet north of the skinny skills loop. rideable but will fall eventually.

Otherwise awesome conditions!
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