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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby xcrdr » Yesterday, 6:46 pm

I've heard a few remarks from newer riders regarding the difficulty of stunts. Although Reid's work is awesome I wonder if we can talk him into building a few beginner friendly stunts. Something for them to practice and gain skills for the more technical features.
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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby AllMountin' » Yesterday, 9:05 pm

While I appreciate and ride all of the new stunts, the difficulty level has definitely increased, and I wonder what percentage of riders ride some of the harder ones. Surely it's a small number. I don't speak for Reid, but he likes to build what he finds interesting. I don't think his expertise is necessarily required to do basic log piles, A frames and the like.

When I was out recently riding a couple of laps with a friend, we were noting how the trail is *mostly* separated into halves, with most of the tighter and/or more technical stuff away from the river, and then primarily flow along the river. Dragonball is a notable exception, of course, but even that can be bypassed with Serenity. I love the flow of the section after McNamara(sorry- still forget some names). Bobs flows well, too. Swamp Thing by the river is a blast at speed, dodging trees all the way. And cap it off with Swamp Thing proper. The turns lend themselves to a high speed finish.

What I'm getting at is character. I think that speed checking features, such as log piles/up and overs/skinnies, are a better fit on the early parts of the trail, and I'd propose that features added on the river side be flow enhancing features, rather than speed checks. Drops, transitions, and berms would be common examples, but we could get more creative than that.

This is just my opinion, and is no more relevant than any other rider out there. FWIW.

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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby volklgirl » Yesterday, 9:51 pm

Thanks for the clarifications, guys. I knew that the Mid State chapter had sort of fallen apart and I'm glad it's beginning to rebuild. Y'all have always done an excellent job out there, and I'd be geeked to try it again with some direction. Will definitely do some PMing before we head down again. BTW, I loved the new section coming back from McNamara...what fun!

Playing the disc golf course was pretty nostalgic as we meandered past the trees and little jumps that used to be a part of Enter Sandman - the big log pile on Sandman/Frank's Stein was the place I first got poison ivy. :?
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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby plunderspunk » 18 minutes ago

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