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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby SwaggerSpice » April 16th, 2016, 12:18 pm

Today is the first week that Burchfield is 'officially' open to mountain biking. I went yesterday afternoon and found well groomed trails. Thank you all so much for your work.

Starting at the trail where it crosses at the Riverbend entrance up until the meadow, about a quarter mile in really isn't rideable. I should've known better with the swampy conditions over there. It really is mush split up by the occasional wooden bridge and a couple of downed trees that are marked for chainsawing, I believe.

I turned around once I got to the meadow to head back towards Riverbend, going alongside the river with dragonball run, alongside through the river twists, where there was a downed tree here as well that I don't know if it was marked. I found swamp thing to be too wet to ride as well, and rode along the main trail to get back to Riverbend instead.

It appears the river has taken over a good 100 feet of the trail here. I walked my bike around it, river-side, and did a little log crossing to get past it. I'm curious as to how that area will turn out, as I remember it being there after a heavy rain last year for the remainder of the season.

In summary, park looks great, and remains my personal favorite trail in the area. While I'm sad the downhill portion close to the main park has been rerouted, I understand why; that hill really fell apart after that heavy rain last year. The trail is great, just be careful picking your routes and don't be afraid to turn around if things get swampy. If anyone goes on the McNamara side of the meadow, let me know how it looks!
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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby F7Cannon » April 16th, 2016, 9:02 pm

Thanks for the update. I actually just blew off Terminator, Bob's Supremacy, and Remember Me on Thursday. Everything was dry over there. As dry as that was I am really surprised that Swamp Thing is that wet. hopefully with all this nice warm weather it will dry out fairly quickly. The downed trees have been noted and I believe the park will be getting to them soon (hopefully). If not might have to have someone with a chainsaw volunteer to cut them out. Looks like we might have to pick and choose our routes out there for a bit. Anne (Overdrive) and I will be heading out for a full lap on Monday to see how things look since we starting working on things out there before these last few rounds of snow.
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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby Jared13 » April 17th, 2016, 7:14 am

I rode Burchfield yesterday for the first time so some of my locations might be off, but they're in the general area.

Along with Swamp Thing being crazy wet (I turned around), Nathan Dynamite has one to three downed trees on it. I was able to move one of them off the trail, but there is at least one more with a possibility of two others. They may have been before Nathan started. Nathan Dynamite was also REALLY soft in spots. I mashed the peaks down and filled in the valleys as best I could, but if folks can avoid that area for a few days, it will do it wonders.

Hanson's BeBop was also pretty soft in areas.

Randy's Maze, Frank's Stein, and Anne's Playhouse were all pretty dry (I think I hit all three). A few spots of Red Route 1 have standing water. I walked one of the skinnies to get across a pond. I'm pretty sure Looman's was good, nothing sticks out.

Glorious Poperds has a downed tree, but it's easily avoided. There's also a large puddle on that trail but closer to Smokey and the Bandits. Smokey has one water hazard/soft spot.

Timinator was AWESOME and I'm pretty sure Bob's was dry as well. Heckboy, Remember Me, Dragonball and Serenity were all good to go (and a blast!).

tl:dr Avoid BeBop, Nathan Dynamite, and Swamp Thing. Be cautious on all others and get out and ride!
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Re: Mid-State: Burchfield

Postby reidabel » April 23rd, 2016, 8:43 pm

Mud, mud, and more mud! I'm surprised they opened it.

I rode in the late afternoon today, skipping Forest Hump and Nathan Dynamite, which I knew were going to be muddy. I still ran into a large number of mudholes, which I rode straight through or walked around. Some of these were in locations I've never seen mud at before. Coming off the second telephone pole bridge dumped me into a mudhole that splashed mud all up on my clothing. Too many mudholes to describe them all, not to mention water (that can be ridden through) before the Hellboy entrance.

I still had fun, it was nice to get out and do a mostly-real ride, rather than just stunt inspections and stunt building.

Saw three guys throwing big sticks at each other, not sure what that was about, seems like a bad idea :lol:

Stunts were looking good, except that the exit for The Mambo King is a big puddle. I didn't try it. I rode the exit of the Hansen's Be-Bop stunt and my back tire slid off the side hard enough to dislodge a spoke. That last bit, the unmodified log, has now lost all of its bark and so I should probably flatten it. Those of you who ride it, what do you think?
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