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Postby hackerj » Yesterday, 1:14 pm

Not tech at all, flat, maybe a mud puddle depending on the weather.
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Re: Poto: Potawatomi

Postby barrybs » Yesterday, 1:18 pm

It is very easy and very short, mostly two track. You could actually take two track the entire way if you wanted to. (turn right at the gate, a little bit West of where the trail crosses the road.

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Re: Poto: Potawatomi

Postby Leroi Brown » Yesterday, 1:18 pm

Neysahead wrote:I am planning a short bike tour / bikepacking trip this summer. I have my eye on the Blind Lake campground along Poto as a potential overnight stop. I was thinking I'd approach on roads from the west, take Crescent to where the trail crosses it and then ride the trail the short distance to the campground

QUESTION: How technical is the stretch between Crescent and the Blind Lake campground?

(My cross/touring bike has 29er wheels and mountain bike tires, so I can handle some terrain. That said, I know Poto has some stretches that would be way over my head on a fully loaded bike.)

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

That stretch is essentially two-track, and quite non-technical. You should be good!
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Re: Poto: Potawatomi

Postby Neysahead » Yesterday, 1:21 pm

Thanks everyone for the quick and helpful responses!
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