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Postby rogermeyerink » Yesterday, 7:54 am

c0nsumer wrote:
rogermeyerink wrote:I rode Murray Lake yesterday ~ 6.4 miles. Did not ride the lost or found loops. The trail was mostly wet, but appeared to be still frozen underneath. There was only about 1/10th of a mile of trail that was "squishy", the rest was still pretty frozen. I rode on 4" tires and for 95% of the trail left no tracks. Lets hope for a good freeze soon and some snow.....

So, that means you left ~1689' (0.3 mile) of marks on the trail?

I didn't do the calculation, but yes, there were some marks left in the trail. I realize that we don't want to leave marks on the trail, but there are times - even in the middle of summer - that marks are left in the trail. They were minimal and were avoided as much as possible
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Re: Poto: Brighton

Postby Zerort » Yesterday, 8:48 pm

Geez, who cares if thete are marks, rutts, gouges, whatever on your precious DIRT trail.

Get over yourself. Its a dirt path in the woods that gets both bike and snowmobile traffic on it.

If you want perfect, go find a paved trail to ride.

Just remember to wear your slippers so you don't mark any asphalt.
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