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Re: Western: Yankee Springs

Postby cramer » January 30th, 2015, 8:50 am

Mike_D wrote:
vette-ss wrote:Thanks guys. Will be out that way this weekend. Would like to bring the bike and check it out along with Merrell. I figured it would be icy. Hoping this crap today turns to snow and puts a couple inches on top. I'll look them up on FB.

FYI - Merrell is super icy right now also per a friend of mine that tried riding it yesterday on a fatbike. In the Grand Rapids area, we received a special additional coating of ice overnight to make it extra fun as well. Not sure if 15 minutes north it was snow or not but maybe Rick Plite will chime in. Further north (Big Rapids) was receiving snow this morning so there is a line somewhere between GR and BR where it changed to snow.

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