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Re: MCMBA: Island Lake

Postby 2niner » Yesterday, 8:16 am

tjdog800 wrote:
fsr1 wrote:
Loren wrote:Maybe they were referring to the one on the washed out downhill that the snowmobiles use?

Bet you're correct.

I rode Blue/Yellow Monday night and the only obstacle was indeed the tree in the old wash that the snowmobiles use. No one is riding the 2012 Blue reroute at the moment.

I'll be out again tonight after things freeze back up and will advise if there is any dead-fall.

Do you think it's too soft for riding today?
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Re: MCMBA: Island Lake

Postby tjdog800 » Yesterday, 8:43 am

It is likely a bit soft at the moment as temps just got below freezing early this morning. With the rain and warmth creating high water content, riding when it is soft will form ice and frozen ruts that will make riding difficult after things freeze up later today.
Temps are below freezing now and it should be OK to ride later this afternoon.
Then the trail should stay sweet until Saturday afternoon's warmup. Then all bets are off with the weekend traffic and warm temps.
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