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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby mwilson7 » November 15th, 2013, 8:25 am

Rode the trail last night and it is a little slick but in great shape!

Weather is supposed to be great for the next couple days so enjoy it while you can!

Oh, almost forgot to mention that the trail has changed again since the last time I rode it.

Bill - I want to thank you for maintaining this trail and continuing to expand it. I am constantly amazed at how much you are able to fit in and still not make it feel like you are backtracking all the time.
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby Steve_Balogh » December 27th, 2013, 5:54 pm

Checked the temps online beforehand, Milford was down near the freezing mark, so I got a late afternoon ride in, the snow was in great condition. No slush,no mud and I could not see any ice present. (Driving to the trail Milford looked quite messy). I saw one set of normal MTB tracks cut in and out of the trail, same for some hiker tracks. Was a fair amount of fresh untouched snow. I did encounter two short sections that were a bit bumpy from foot traffic, one bounced me to a complete stop. I skipped the section of the three bridges at the start; I was using DIY studded tires and opted to go around an re-enter the trail after those.
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby CraveSingletrack » April 9th, 2014, 1:52 pm

Anyone checked out milford? It's usually one of the first ride-able trails.
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby ihateplaindave » April 9th, 2014, 4:04 pm

I checked it out on Sunday morning while riding the paved trail. Still lots of snow and ice. Wet and muddy in the spots where the snow had melted. Not rideable yet. Hopefully soon.
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby davedejonge » April 10th, 2014, 6:11 am

I saw some heading into the trail last night... How was it?
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby Webleedorange61 » April 12th, 2014, 9:37 am

any updates on the trail conditions?
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby Builder-Bill » April 12th, 2014, 4:46 pm

Milford Trail is Officially Open..... :D :D :D :D Its in amazing shape.. I only found two snowy damp spots on the whole trail..... Go ride it...
I also rode C loop at Highland, its in great shape.

Bill and Sam the Trail dog
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Re: MCMBA: Milford

Postby omitw » April 13th, 2014, 3:42 pm

Rode Milford Trail today and found myself grinning from ear to ear. What a great feeling to get back on the dirt.

Milford trail seems to dry up and be rideable before any other trail in the area in the spring and following periods of rain. As Bill indicated in the prior post, the trail is in excellent condition and ready to be ridden.
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