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Re: NMMBA: VASA Singletrack

Postby vette-ss » March 23rd, 2015, 7:28 am

I was actully going to ask about the same question, only the reverse. My schedule has been crazy lately but I'm free this weekend and was considering a trip north with the fat bike for one last ride in the snow. Is there anything around TC that is still fully snowpacked? VASA trail, singletrack, Glacial?
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Re: NMMBA: VASA Singletrack

Postby bikeguy4life » March 23rd, 2015, 9:54 am

I was out at the VASA single track on Saturday afternoon to ride the powerlines on my 29er and here's what I saw: Marked single track had an icy base with 3-5" of packed crust. It was sunny all day and temps were 28-32 degrees and the trail was soft enough that it was unrideable. VASA trail was also about the same but with 6-8" of packed crust in the woods. Once again, it was a bit too soft to ride. My neighbor rode the VASA ski trail Sunday AM on his fat bike, temps were 15-23 degrees with overnight temps in the 10-15 range and he said it was like concrete and super fast. There were spots that are icy/slick. Depending on our week, there's still be snow out there by this weekend, but if you do ride it, morning is your best bet as things soften up by midday/afternoon. Hope that helps!
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