Chain Rub Issue

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Chain Rub Issue

Postby awol12 » May 25th, 2013, 12:27 pm

I am having a major issue with chain rub on my front derailleur. I am working around an SLX derailleur, FSA Gravit Step Crank set and a E.13 bashguard. The main issue is the chain rubbing against the front derailleur cage. This rubbing happens when your in the lowest gear up front and the chain almost drags against the cage. I have done quite a bit of adjustment, even moving the derailleur down the seat tube a tiny bit, but that only caused issues with contact on the bashguard. I am really at a loss since all the parts are OE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Before are a couple of pics and a short video of the rubbing.



[YouTube]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/YouTube]
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Re: Chain Rub Issue

Postby bikerector » May 25th, 2013, 8:25 pm

The bashguard may be too big? From the video, it looks like there is a lot of room to play with the height to get it closer to the bashgaurd. As long as it's not hitting the bash guard, you should be okay to lower it. I see the tape height indicator thing is still on the derailleur, if you're thinking it need to be that certain height above the bash, I think you may not have to worry about it. With a chainring, the chain needs room to climb to the ring, shouldn't be the case with a bash guard. The max height of the derailleuer is generally set by the biggest chainring, I guess bashguard in your case.

Is this a 3x or 2x crankset? same question for the derailleur. Direct mount/ braze-on or clamp derailleur? I believe 3x derailleurs have a longer cage to allow for more teeth difference between the biggest ring and the smallest ring, that may be an issue.

I've heard of situations where rotating the front derailleur helps, was a trick I learned for triple cranksets. It may work some for you to angle the part that is hitting the bash slightly away from the bash so you can lower the derailleur more.

Does the chain rub in all of the rear cogs or just something like little back, little front?
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