Michigan Mountain Biking Hall of Fame

Since originally presenting this new activity, the thread on the forum was filled with suggestions for our first inductees. They are listed below. The MMBA would like to get a bio of each suggested person after which the board will narrow the selection process to three or four persons per category. ?The list is, of course, by no means all inclusive and certainly is missing many others who have contributed to the mountain biking community in Michigan over the years. ?Our expectation is that as this process is repeated each year in the future, the hardworking people that contribute will be recognized. ? If you have information that is relevant to the bios of those listed please email it to president@mmba.org. ? Thank you.

Dwain Abramowski
Todd Scott
Jason Jones
Todd Scott
Mike Flack
John Burt
Bill Hermann
Bill Mayer
Tim Collins
Glen Rusczynski
>Trail building and design
Mark Cramer
Bob Lawson
Dan Harrison
Mike Flack
John Burt
Loren Krokus
Rick Plite
Art Fleming
Bill Mayer
Scott Quiring
Mike Simonson
Kelli Emmett,
Brent Bookwalter,
Danielle Musto,
Robert Herriman,
Art Fleming,
Derek Prechtl,
Russ Tiles,
Shelly Wilson,
Paul Brown
Mark Hendershot
Brent Walk
Robert Linden
Steve Brown
Rick Plite