MMBA EXPO, Winter Riding and Changing Weather

Thanks to all who attended the annual MMBA Expo in Lansing Sunday. ? The event was a success. ?Many mountain bikers brought their items to sell at the swap meet, kids of all ages rode the pump track. ?Kudos and thanks to the volunteers who organized the expo, spent time constructing the pump track and managing the events. ?Andy Williamson, IMBA representative, held a two hour presentation on club management to inform the chapter attendees how to organize and avoid volunteer burn-out.

As we progress through this erratic Michigan winter weather, remember to avoid trails during warmer periods to avoid causing erosion and trail damage.

Several Michigan promoters have fat-bike events over the next month or two- if you don’t ride one, attend an event and cheer the racers on.

Coming up in the near future, announcements regarding new board members, advocacy team updates, ?and other MMBA ideas in process.