Membership under the New IMBA Structure

Now that most of the MMBA chapters have transitioned into the IMBA chapter program, how do you renew your membership or join? Sign up for your IMBA membership at and select the appropriate chapter. When registering for your account, be sure to use the same email address that you used with the MMBA, if applicable.

If your chapter does not show up in the list, it probably hasn’t completed the transition. In that case, select “I don’t have a local chapter or my club is not listed” when you get to the last dropdown box. Your membership will merge with your chapter when it completes the transition.

If you already have an IMBA account, you can login by visiting and clicking on “Login” in the upper right corner. Afterward, click on “Edit Account” in the same spot to make changes or view your information.

IMBA membership money is split between IMBA and your local chapter.? Money for IMBA corporate sponsorships stay with IMBA.? Businesses who wish to support the MMBA with statewide advocacy efforts may sign up as an MMBA Corporate Sponsor.