2012 Massive Fallout: October 20th, 2012

2011 Massive Fallout Logo

Massive Fallout is a large-scale group ride organized by the volunteers of the Michigan Mountain Biking Association (MMBA). The ride features four prominent trails in Macomb and Oakland Counties: Stony Creek, Bald Mountain, Addison Oaks and Bloomer. Three of the trails are connected via a series of dirt roads and rail trails creating a fun, flexible ride. The fourth trail, Bloomer, is just outside downtown Rochester. Whether you?re a beginner or expert, the ride can be configured to your experience level and desired length. The total estimated mileage is roughly 50-60 miles including Bloomer.
Mass (group) start at 10am at Stony Creek, and lunch (chili and tube-shaped meats) will be available at Addison Oaks for donations on a first-come-first-served (while supplies last) basis.
For more info please visit the?Massive Fallout website.