Bent Rim Bugle and E-Newsletter

The following information is obsolete and is published for historical reference.



The MMBA’s Bent Rim Bugle (BRB) began in 1990 with the formation of the organization. Back then, the Michigan DNR was on the verge of closing all state land to mountain bikes. The BRB was the means for organizing the state’s off road cyclists to work for continued access.
The BRB still carries the torch for off road advocacy and is the official newsletter of the MMBA. Published quarterly, the BRB keeps the MMBA membership up to date with events and advocacy issues throughout the state.
The MMBA E-Newsletter is published monthly and provides the reader with current news and events.? Please see the?Calendar of Events?section, below.
Want to market your product or service to over 2,000 mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts? Advertise in the?Bent Rim Bugle! Advertising Rates and Specifications (PDF). Note that since we mail our newsletters using a non-profit postal permit, we are not allowed to accept advertising for credit cards. There are also specific advertising limitations for insurance policies and travel arrangments.

Calendar of Events

Each issue of the?Bent Rim Bugle?as well as the monthly e-Newsletter includes a Calendar of Events. These events will also be posted on the MMBA home page on a monthly basis.? It is very important that trail coordinators, chapter presidents and other volunteers send event dates in by the deadline. Send all information to Events include:

  • CPS races
  • Trail days
  • Fundraisers
  • Chapter meetings
  • Other MMBA events

It is important to include events for at least the four-month period following the article submission deadline.

?Article Submission Deadlines
?March 1 ?Spring
?June 7 ?Summer
?August 23 ?Fall
October 25 ?Winter

Members typically receive the?Bent Rim Bugle?6 to 8 weeks after our publishing deadline.? E-Newsletters are received on the first of every month.

?Contributing Articles

The?Bent Rim Bugle?is only as good as the volunteers who submit their work. If it’s about mountain biking, please send it in. Fact or fiction, don’t be shy. Electronic submissions should go to We prefer documents in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or simple text. We can’t promise everything will get published, but we’ll do our best.

Artwork and Photos

  • Photos should be high quality, sharp and in focus. They should not be too dark or too light. Some can be fixed if they’re not too bad. Make sure photos of people are close and that the people are large in the photo. It’s difficult trying to take a head shot of someone out of a photo when their face is really small.
  • The minimum size is 4 by 6 inches
  • The minimum resolution is 200 DPI
  • Images should be in JPEG format (e.g. biker.jpg) with #5 or medium compression.
  • Photos from web sites will not work unless they are huge.
  • We need to know who shot the photo. If it was done professionally we need the photographers permission to publish it.
  • Please include the photographer’s name a caption for each photo.

Updated:? April 28, 2010